At Hotels, Lickety-Split Beauty Treatments

At Hotels, Lickety-Split Beauty Treatments Who has time for a spa day? Along with need-it-now services like virtual check-in and grab-and-go meals, hotels are offering 12-minute exfoliation treatments and 10-minute massages for travelers who want their spa treatments in the time it takes to microwave garlic potatoes. Follow Zeel on Twitter.

Jan, 25, 2016


Where Do Deals Come From?

We often get asked “How do you source your deals?” While every deal is different, there are some consistent sources. We preach transparency here at Corigin Ventures, so in that vein, here is every deal we’ve done in the last 18 months (that’s when I started), the source of the deal, and some background context. […] Read more

Jan, 08, 2016


New York Discovers Keyless Entry Systems

New York Discovers Keyless Entry Systems In the next few months, residents at a handful of buildings in the city will be able to walk up to their apartment doors and go inside without fumbling for keys. And if the dog walker or cleaning service comes by while they are out, residents can use an […] Read more

Revisiting On-Demand Startups

It’s been a few years now since the uprising of on-demand startups in seemingly every vertical. Time to revisit, and see which have proven to be mainstays and which have faded. I’m taking off my investor hat for this one. No hype, no press, no unit economics, no valuations. Just straight-up value to customers, well, this […] Read more

Dec, 01, 2015


When Passion Meets Profession: My Future in Healthcare Investing

It’s not everyday that people get to be passionate about their work, but when someone finds that fit it drives them to do more. Everyday I’m lucky enough to meet entrepreneurs that are trying to tackle big problems, and it’s those that can answer Simon Sinek’s question of “Why” that I believe have a better […] Read more

Nov, 02, 2015


What Happened To The Hustle?

I started working on my company, FreshNeck, in 2010, and had been following the NYC tech scene for a year or two before that. So by no means do I have the experience or knowledge of some of my peers, but nor am I jaded as the old man who ‘used to walk to school […] Read more

Oct, 31, 2015


Platformation Today: An Era of New Platforms and Ways New Companies are Being Formed

Now 6 months into being a VC I figured it was time to create my own term. Platformation. So what is Platformation? Platformation is a period of time and a phenomenon in which products that weren’t initially intended to be platforms undergo a transformation into a platform. It can also include high potential new platforms emerging […] Read more

A Review: 6 Observations from My First 6 Months as a VC

  6 Months ago I made the switch from Entrepreneur to VC and joined Corigin Ventures, an early stage Venture Capital firm in New York. Since then we’ve invested in 5 companies, added a new team member and have seen big wins for some of our portfolio companies (more announcements coming soon!). As I take […] Read more

Sep, 08, 2015


If Short-Selling a Startup Was Legal

DEFINITION OF ‘SHORT SELLING’ The sale of a security that is not owned by the seller, or that the seller has borrowed. Short selling is motivated by the belief that a security’s price will decline, enabling it to be bought back at a lower price to make a profit. As VCs, we see see up to […] Read more

Aug, 10, 2015


Art of the Bridge: 4 Advantages to Raising a “Bridge” Round for Entrepreneurs

August is upon us and as some Partners sit on a beach with a pina colada, Entrepreneurs are hard at work scaling their companies and in some cases working towards their next round of funding. Between the Series A crunchand the lack of deals getting done during the summer time at some firms, we’ve come […] Read more

Aug, 03, 2015


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