A Year-In-Review: Reflections and Lessons-Learned as a New VC

It feels like I wrote my six-month review blogpost yesterday. It also feels like I just joined Corigin last week. But alas, it’s been a year. In the spirit of transparency, much as I did with my six-month review, I’ve spent some time thinking about some of my takeaways from this past year, and published […] Read more

11 Steps to an Efficient Fundraise

We often work with first-time entrepreneurs here at Corigin Ventures. They bring a certain hunger and a unique perspective, and their ignorance to the difficult road ahead can be a weapon. But with that comes inexperience – not just in building a business (which is hard enough), but in navigating the process of fundraising. They’ve […] Read more

How I Went from Being a Numbers-Hating Banker to a Numbers-Loving VC

Anyone familiar with banking probably knows this stereotype: the guy or gal fresh from undergrad who loves to “crush” models. They get excited when they tell you about “that time they built a model from Book1.xls” and they use the word “haircut” frequently. As in “I think our downside case simply involves taking a moderate […] Read more

Timing is Everything: 5 Reasons Why Waiting To Raise Your Seed Round Will Pay Off

In this day and age, up-and-coming entrepreneurs can get caught up in the glorification of startups. Too often, first time founders are glued in front of their screens reading TechCrunch and Term Sheet, to learn about the latest funding round announcements. Unfortunately, what many don’t realize is that the work for that funding round happened […] Read more

Jun, 01, 2016



Innovation in real estate has lagged when compared to other industries in the past decade, not really seeing significant investment dollars going into the sector until late in 2013. Since then, there has been a pretty steady increase, in both total dollars and number of deals. Q1 of 2016 investments in RETech consisted of 56 […] Read more

My journey exploring #ArtTech and the path to finding Meural

I’ve been interested in art since I was a little kid. It was always my go-to answer when teachers or “grown-ups” asked what I wanted to be. When traveling with my parents, museums were always a must-do on our vacation itineraries around Europe. In high school, my Mum (a surgeon) and I (who had decided […] Read more

May, 26, 2016


Street Smart on Smart Buildings?

Today marks the last day of my 3 month MBA internship at Corigin. I came into this wondering how my Wharton MBA and Penn Masters in Engineering would apply. It immediately became clear to me. I have always had a passion for Smart Building technology and am currently studying it in my engineering program. As […] Read more

Apr, 29, 2016


From Uber driver to venture capitalist

From Uber driver to venture capitalist These are two questions aspiring VCs often ask. While I usually hop on 15-30 minute calls with those looking to learn more, just like my fellow VC colleagues did for me, I thought it might be more impactful to share my experience here. A Forbes article noted that the […] Read more

Apr, 13, 2016


The Art of the Pass

As venture investors, we see hundreds of deals a year. Even the most active firms invest in less than 20 (we’re at about one/month pace for last 2 years), so you can do the math on the number of “no’s” that have to go out.  Here are some insights and opinions on how to deliver […] Read more

Apr, 05, 2016


A Rambling Review: Thoughts on My First Year in Venture and the Future

A couple of weeks ago I celebrated my 25th birthday in South America and I’m now coming up on my one-year anniversary in Venture Capital at Corigin Ventures. Like most milestones in life I believe that it is important to take a step back from your day to day to reflect on things. So that’s […] Read more

Mar, 01, 2016


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