My VC Reboot

As I’m writing this from seat 23a of flight UA331, thirty-five thousand feet in the air, there are so many thoughts racing through my head as I reflect on the last four days — an unforgettable experience known as VC Reboot. I first heard of this bootcamp-like experience about 6 months ago after reading a blog post by Steve […] Read more

Jan, 23, 2017


Where Do Deals Come From, Part 2

One of my most widely read posts was last year’s Where Do Deals Come From, in which I opened up the kimono to give the backstory and source of my first 16 deals over 18 months. While I had assumed it would be popular with founders getting insight into the minds (and calendars) of an […] Read more

Jan, 03, 2017


The Mind of a Founder: Corigin’s Hardware Founders

In this series, “The Mind of a Founder,” (name lifted from PBS’s The Mind of a Chef, since I’m a big fan), I’ll periodically round up thoughts from our founders to share with the community. If there are any particular themes or questions that you’d like to see me address, please tweet at me or […] Read more

Dec, 05, 2016


Deal Breakers, Part 1: A Red Flag List from Top VCs

Often times VCs write their thoughts on various spaces or what quality traits they look for in companies and Founders. However, not too many VCs have written about what they don’t want to see a.k.a. specific red flags that they have when it comes to Founders and the companies they’re starting. With VCs meeting dozens […] Read more

Dec, 05, 2016


Understanding Cohort Analyses: both subscription and eCommerce businesses

After working with a couple of our portfolio companies on cohort analyses, I eventually put together a cohort analysis template. In the spirit of open sourcing and (hopefully) helping out some founders, I’m posting it here with an explanation and a how-to guide for better understanding the fundamentals of a cohort analysis. Before we begin, […] Read more

Why We Invested in LoftSmart

Today we’re thrilled to announce our investment in LoftSmart. LoftSmartis the first transactional marketplace for off-campus student housing. Students can seamlessly discover, compare, collaborate (with each other and their parents), and sign rental leases all on the same platform. As co-founders Sam Bernstein and Sundeep Kumar eloquently put it, “Our mission is simple: A perfect place for […] Read more

Fun with Numbers: Fund Level vs. Deal by Deal Carry

There’s been chatter over the years about Fund economics — specifially whether carry should be calculated on a fund level, or on a deal by deal basis. With the rise of Syndicates and SPVs (and the rise of Angelist as a platform for both), I believe it merits revisiting. My major concern is that all players involved (syndicate […] Read more

The Future of Living of Living Part 3: Short-Term and Vacation Rental Market Map

For Part 3 of the Future of Living Series, some VC peers and I decided to dive into the $550B+ vacation and short term rental market. From traditional disruption to companies using AirBnB as a platform for launching their own new businesses, we identified over 60 companies looking to have an impact on the Future of […] Read more

Sep, 08, 2016


The Future of Living, Part 1: A VC’s WeLive Experience

Over the past few months, the concept of Co-Living has started to hit mainstream media, and the conversation around what some are calling a “modern day commune,” has drummed up both critics and fans. While thinking about the over 80M millennials living in the U.S. and the “millennial mindset” (which data shows prioritizes access over […] Read more

Sep, 08, 2016


A Consumer’s Perspective on the Future of DFS

Given the recent legalization in NY, and that NFL opening kickoff is just 15 days away, I’ve been thinking a lot about the current and future state of DFS. I am not an investor in either of the well-known unicorns, and I’m ignoring legal issues, so most of my perspective is that from an avid consumer. […] Read more

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