Platformation Today: An Era of New Platforms and Ways New Companies are Being Formed

Now 6 months into being a VC I figured it was time to create my own term. Platformation. So what is Platformation? Platformation is a period of time and a phenomenon in which products that weren’t initially intended to be platforms undergo a transformation into a platform. It can also include high potential new platforms emerging […] Read more

A Review: 6 Observations from My First 6 Months as a VC

  6 Months ago I made the switch from Entrepreneur to VC and joined Corigin Ventures, an early stage Venture Capital firm in New York. Since then we’ve invested in 5 companies, added a new team member and have seen big wins for some of our portfolio companies (more announcements coming soon!). As I take […] Read more

Sep, 08, 2015